Thursday, October 19, 2006

Half my customary 48%

The latest from The Pernice Brothers has had me on the ropes, my friends. I've been listening to it (nearly) non-stop for nearly two weeks now and have been flabbergasted as to what to say about it. It's a bit intimidating considering the weight and wit of Joe Pernice's lyrics to even attempt to scribble something together. Since I've already done the obligatory background piece here, for now I'll just attempt to give Live a Little some due, in as few (un)eloquent words as possible.

Album: Pernice Brothers - Live a Little
Playlist from the archives: Essential Joe Pernice

For Live a Little, Pernice reunites with producer Michael Deming, who helmed Pernice's Scud Mountain Boys' beautifully sad (and stoned) Massachusetts. Many feared (and many hoped) that this would mean a return to the slow churn of the Scuds, but from the opening track ("Automation,") it's obvious that Bacharach still reigns o'er Pernice's pen. Highlights include "Zero Refills" and "PCH One" (which even has handclaps, that's how far from Scud Pernice as come.) But the real highlight is the perfect comparison piece - a 10th anniversary reworking of the Scud Mountain Boys classic "Grudge F*ck" (entitled "Grudge F*ck 2006".) Could be my song of the year.

Song: "Grudge F*ck 2006"
Song comparison - "Grudge F*ck" (1996)

Some snippet worthy lyrics:
Like a dog who's told to levitate - "Cruelty to Animals"
Spinning glue back into horses - "Cruelty to Animals"
Pull the trigger, I don't care which myth I kill - "PCH One"
In my defense, I was half my customary 48% - "Concience Clean (I Went to Spain)"
Heavy downbeat of one then the show began... strike up the contraband - "High as a Kite"

It's a sad status quotient (Essential Joe Pernice and Discover a Lovelier You review

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drake leLane said...

Pernice Brothers - Live a Little

1. Automaton
2. Somerville
3. Cruelty To Animals
4. Zero Refills
5. Microscopic View
6. How Can I Compare
7. B.S. Johnson
8. PCH One
9. Conscience Clean (I Went To Spain)
10. Lightheaded
11. High As A Kite
12. Grudge Fuck (2006)