Wednesday, October 25, 2006

(Not) what the world needs now

Is Nip/Tuck going soft on us? Last night's episode represented a shift from the usual narcissistic mood and went instead for a startling sensitivity not seen in prior storylines. Quite naturally, the music followed (or lead?) heel-step bringing aboard legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach to guest in a fantasy sequence. Having Bacharach playing piano in the same room that a corpse (recurring character Mrs. Grubman) is getting her ass liposuctioned is either a brilliant juxtaposition, or a 'worst musical moment' candidate. It was that far in left field that I can't make up my mind yet.

We also get to see some of Sean's past for once, and find out he had a Joaquin Phoenix handicap growing up, which is the cause of his mania over fixing his son Connor's handicap (Ectrodactyly, aka lobster hands.) It seems that's what led him to become a plastic surgeon in the first place and helps Julia empathize with him enough (once she gets her tongue out of her her mini-manny's mouth,) to agree to allow him to perform corrective surgery on their son's hands. Unfortunately for Connor (and a young Sean in flashback,) not only does the infant have to go through invasive surgery, but he also has to have it done to George Michael's "Jesus to a Child." There's just really not enough anasthesia for that...

Playlist: Nip/Tuck - Episode 4.08
1. "Don't Trip" - Bob Mair, Joel Wachbrit & Richard Trapp - Christian and Sean argue while scrubbing for surgery
2. "The Windows Of The World" - Burt Bacharach - Christian visits Mrs. Grubman and finds out about her past as a singer
3. "This Girl's In Love With You" - Dionne Warwick (Ruth Williamson sings with backing by Burt Bacharach in the show) - While preparing Mrs. Grubman's body for burial, Christian imagines her as a singer, singing a duet with Burt Bacharach
4. "Jesus To A Child" - George Michael (YouTube) - While performing surgery on Conor, Sean remembers his own surgery years before.

Playlist lovingly compiled by Avalon at

Rosie O'Donnell gets ear-jacked (Episode 4.07)

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Anonymous said...

Joaquin never had a hairlip, so give it a break. He was born with that scar,it's a birthmark. Do some research before posting random stuff.

drake leLane said...

He was actually born with what they call a 'microform cleft,' which essentially is a hairlip (slang for cleft) that heals itself (no need for surgery.)

Does that qualify as research?

drake leLane said...

Of course I notice now that I mispelled harelip.

I like the fact that Joaquin has the (microform) cleft... think it makes him more real, so don't think I'm making fun of the Walk the Line actor. I was more making light of the character Sean's manic obsession.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you would give credit to the person that you 'lift' the music information from (that being me...'Avalon') and whatever site you visit as I'm the direct contact to PJ Bloom that does the music for Nip/Tuck. Thanks.

drake leLane said...

Sorry... it´s fixed now (from a slow 120 mhz machine here in Mexico on vacation ;)

I´ve been crediting and linking back on every past post. Missed this one in my rush to get ready for vacation. I trust there´s been an uptick in traffic referrals to, especially from my posts.