Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tequila wishes and refried dreams

What? Three O.C. posts in a row? It won't happen again I swear (even though this season is no Blow-C like the past couple have been.) But you have to wonder whether it's really a coincidence that Ryan and Seth make a run for the border the night I get back from Mexico (in last night's "Gringos" episode.) Anyway, while I still have tequila wishes and refried dreams, it's nice to look at a latin-themed soundtrack for The O.C.

Before Seth and Ryan make their run (to what looks more like South Central Los Angeles then the Mexico I just returned from,) The Long Winters provide some indie bounce with their song "Fire Island, AK." Then vamos, we're off to Mexico... well, musically speaking, technically we're making a pitstop in Cuba as the beats to Descemer Bueno's "Pa'rriba" signal we're in a Latin country (even if it looks more like the South Central LA.) Plastilina Mosh's aggressive "Quiero Mi Pastilla" is a nice backdrop for the angry bar that angry Ryan looks for Volchok in. But my favorite is "La Chirriona" from La Numero 1 Banda Jerez, which is the perfect mix of old and modern Mexico, and feels a lot like Zihuatanejo, from which I've just returned.

The episode ends with a couple of covers, the first is the French latin folk artist Manu Chao covering the great Freddy Fender classic "Lagrimas de Oro," which made me long for the original (which is what you get here.) The second cover was Band of Horses covering The New Year's "The End's Not Near,", which provides a prelude to The O.C.'s new Mix Six album of covers coming in December (Covering Our Tracks.)

Playlist: The O.C. - Episode 4.02
1. "Fire Island, AK" - The Long Winters
2. "Pa'rriba" - Descemer Bueno
3. "Quiero Mi Pastilla" - Plastilina Mosh
4. "La Chirriona" - La Numero 1 Banda Jerez
5. "Can You Feel It?" - Lockdown Project (MySpace)
6. "Lagrimas de Oro" - Freddy Fender (covered by Manu Chao in episode)
7. "The End's Not Near" - The New Year (covered by Band of Horses in episode)

Boycott Caged Chicken (Episode 401)

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