Thursday, November 09, 2006

Out of the red

When you leave the country for a week or more, it's always interesting to see what happened while you were gone.

Britney divorcing K-Fed... ok. Massive floods in neighboring towns... interesting.

Donald Rumsfeld resigns... wait a minute. A Democratic Congress and Senate... HOLY SH*T!

But this one just touches the heart... former lead singer of the 70's lite-rock band Orleans, John Hall, is now Congressman John Hall (Democrat, NY)

Song: Orleans "Dance With Me"

Here he is reaching across (comedic) party lines to sing harmony with Stephen Colbert on "Dance With Me":

And their rendition of our national anthem had me in tears (Comedy Central reshowed it again last night.)

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Guy Barry said...

Can't say been rid of Rumsfeld is a bad thing,don't you?