Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cut and run (California here I come)

Last night's finale of Nip/Tuck continued to look back to the first season, wrapping up several loose ends going back to their beginnings. The season said many goodbyes to past well-loved (and hated) characters, and the finale was no different as it added a couple more to the list: Escobar and the setting of Miami.

Musically, the buzz is about their Magnolia moment, where near the end, all the main characters lip sync to the song "Brighter Discontent" by The Submarines, with the lyrics feeling oddly in step with each character's situation. You might remember PT Anderson's Magnolia used the effect magically to Aimee Mann's "Save Me." I guess if you're going to steal (pay tribute to?) a movie scene, this is a good one, and I have to applaud creator Ryan Murphy (who directed and co-wrote this episode) for breaking the fourth wall and giving recognition to an important Nip/Tuck character: The music.

While The Submarines (whose lead singer, Blake Hazard, is the great-great granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald,) ruled the day with three tracks, another song played an important (if perhaps cheesy) part in the plot, and that was Kool & The Gang's "Hollywood Swinging," which played out the episode. It served both as a pick-me-up from the emotional lip-syncing turn, and to announce to viewers that Nip/Tuck will be taking place in Tinseltown next season, as Sean and Christian pose under the legendary Hollywood sign.

On the decision to move to Los Angeles, according to creator Ryan Murphy (posting on a after show Q&A via
I decided to move the show to LA for two reasons.
1) I couldn't stand the damn sets anymore!** We couldn't have one more scene in Christian's tired apartment, or Sean's done kitchen. I thought it would good for the characters, who have been huge in Miami, to move to Los Angeles where they will be little fish in a big pond. It's a way for the team to struggle again, which makes for more dramatic conflict, and brings them together. I mean, Jesus...we can't have Sean threaten to quit ever again!
2) I really want Christian to go be tempted by the ladies and fame and sex he's hungered for. Sean too...I want him slick and Gucci. Tired of those damn browns!
Am I the only one that will miss those brown Brooks Brothers suits?

Playlist: Nip/Tuck - Episode 4.15
1. "The Good Night" - The Submarines - Michelle takes notes during Sean's breast reconstruction surgery
2. "Modern Inventions" - The Submarines - Gala makes Escobar apologize for his comment to Liz; Michelle thanks Sean for helping to do the surgery
3. "I'll Take You There" - The Staples Singers - Sean and Christian prepare to dispose of Escobar's body; go to the grocery store to buy hams; and then take him to the Everglades
4. "Brighter Discontent" - The Submarines - Montage of all of the lead characters singing the song in step with their plot lines
5. "Hollywood Swinging" - Kool & The Gang - Montage of Christian and Sean in Los Angeles with the Hollywood sign and Los Angeles skyline
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More: Of note were some interesting cameos, first being former MTV VJ Idalis as Escobar's wife Gala, and second being Danny Strong (Jonathan on Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Sean and Christian's nervous intern.

*Here in Seattle, every Mariners game has a 'Magnolia Moment,' a moment in the game sponsored by Magnolia Hi-Fi, a local audio/video solutions store.
**Hopefully, this doesn't mean they've fired set designer Ellen Brill.

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breakdown said...

LA may be a bigger pond, but there are already too may fish there, which have been there for generations.
CSI LA wold not have worked as much as Las Vegas, Miami and even New Yorkstill has more character than LA.

Good luck, to nip tuck, but I doubt it will make a diifernce being in LA

JAB said...

Make a note:

Blake is the great granddaughter of F Scott Fitzgerald and not 'great great' as you wrote.