Friday, December 15, 2006

It's a wonderful (alternate) life

Last night's episode of The O.C. was pre-empted in the Northwest by the NFL (the Seachickens lose again.) The episode was instead broadcasted locally at 11pm, which I watched to the sound of 60 mph winds outside, using commercial breaks to tend to a flooding basement armed with a squadron of towels.

Maybe that's why I appreciated the alternative universe/It's A Wonderful Life concept on last night's annual Chrismukkah episode more then I probably would've normally. Right before a major rainstorm, Ryan and Taylor fall off a ladder and end up in a coma ("a sort of coma-lite") and both experience a shared dream of an alternate universe, one where they never existed... and one without a rainstorm. Was I the only one hoping they'd stay in that alternate universe? In that reality, Marissa died three years ago, which in a way wipes seasons 2 and 3 from existence (not a bad proposition.)

Also in this reality, Mates of State sing the theme song instead of Phantom Planet, which is a nice turn of events, no? Later, Sia covers Radiohead with her version of "Paranoid Android," making a nice creepy background for our discovery that Marissa's been dead for three years. Later, just before Ryan wakes up, we get a moody interpretation of Mazzy Star's "Into Dust" (by Ashtar Command.)

So to sum up: good music, Marissa has been gone for an even longer period of time and... there's no rain. I liked that universe soooo much better.

1. "California" - Mates of State - Plays over the main title sequence
2. "Paranoid Android" - Sia (Rapster Records) - Song plays as Ryan runs into Kaitlin at the airport, and confuses her for Marissa
3. "Into Dust" - Ashtar Command - Song plays at the end of the episode when as Ryan sits on the beach and reads a letter. It continues to play as he wakes up.

Previously: A Tawny-like Taylor (Episode 4.06)

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J Shifty said...

I've spent a night or ten intimate with sumps and/or pumps, and as we head into yet another New England December week with predicted regular highs in the dry 50's, I wonder if we'll all be making our playlist posts from Space Station Purgatory all too soon.

Good luck out there!