Friday, December 01, 2006

Siamese dream

Bravo to Grey's for casting The Sklar Bros, Randy and Jason, as conjoined twins in last night's episode. The comediatwins were the hosts the hilarious series Cheap Seats which aired until recently on ESPN Classic. The show, which just aired it's fourth and last season two weeks ago, featured the brothers watching old sports footage and adding hilarious commentary, ala MST3K.

Because my posts are ostensibly about music, here's a clip of the brothers Sklar doing a Rap song about Fresno State bowler Kelly Rapp, entitled "Kelly Rapp Rap (or Its a Rap.)" (and here's the remix.)

Outside of the Sklar brothers, the other thing that jumped out at me was hearing alt-country greats Son Volt playing out the episode with the twangy (and dreamy) "World Waits for You."

1. "Sociopath" - Anya Marina
2. "Show Me" - John Legend
3. "World Waits For You" - Son Volt
Full tracklisting

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