Friday, December 01, 2006

Sleep on it

For the handful of folks still watching The O.C., last night's episode went further to distance itself from the past lackluster seasons, albeit without the dark edge of previous episodes. Nearly the whole plot centered on setting up a potential romance between brooding Ryan and perky Taylor - call it a poor man's Angel+Buffy (and we all remember how that ended.)

Ok, on the the music - what is it about Canadians and sleep disorder? Last year, Seth walked around in sleep deprivation to the song "No Sleep," by Montreal's Sam Roberts and this year Ryan's insomnia is powered by the dark and twisty "Gubbbish" by Calgary's Chad VanGaalan. The song might be one of the most pleasantly surprising choices I've heard on the series, as VanGaalan's odd dual vocals and dissonant guitar did a better job at conveying the desparation of insomnia better then actor Benjamin McKenzie (who appears to have the emotional range of Teletubby.)

Elsewhere, the Covering our Tracks promotion continues with Goldspot's cover of Modest Mouse's "Float On," famously used in The O.C.'s first season.

1. "Gubbbish" - Chad VanGaalen
2. "Float On" - Goldspot (Modest Mouse)
3. "Waiting To Die" - Zero 7
4. "While You Were Sleeping" - Elvis Perkins
5. "Without You" - Brothers & Sisters
Full track and scene listing

Biggest midget in the game (Episode 4.04)

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