Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Let him eat cake

Lee Hazlewood is dying... but he doesn't want your pity.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, the cult icon set to record this farewell album, Cake or Death, but like the rest of his career, it had to be done his way. No fancy schmancy cameos, just good friends of no importance to the industry. For "She's Gonna Break Some Heart Tonight," he had his friend Tommy Parsons sing the whole song, to pay the debt of 'saving his life.' And in one of the most touching music moments, Hazlewood's 8-year old grandaughter Phaedra sings "Some Velvet Morning," the song from which she got her name. Of course, she thinks the song's written for her, and can't withhold the joy of that notion (even ends with a "peace out."

Album: Lee Hazlewood - Cake or Death

The only big name sitting in here is Duane Eddy on guitar for Hazlewood's take on his old original song "Boots," which eventually became the hit "These Boots are Made For Walking" for Nancy Sinatra, the first of many between the pair. Hazlewood helped produced and co-wrote some of Eddy's best stuff, includeing "Rebel Rouser," so it's fitting that Eddy's here.

All in all, the album is a fine balance of schmaltz and levity, just like Hazlewood's career. One imagines cigarette butts and empty martinis at the end of this wake, and Hazlewood wouldn't have it any other way.

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drake leLane said...

Lee Hazlewood - Cake or Death

1. Nothing
2. Baghdad Knights
3. Please Come To Boston
4. Shes Gonna Break Some Heart Tonight
5. Sacrifice
6. Fred Freud
7. The First Song Of The Day
8. Its Nothing To Me
9. Anthem
10. White People Thing
11. Boots (Original Melody)
12. Some Velvet Morning
13. T.O.M. (The Old Man)