Friday, January 19, 2007

The O.C.'s version of Fear Factor

We're down to five episodes left of The O.C., and while there are still plenty of balls in the air, you can sense a bit of a winding down. For instance, nearly every relationship that ended rocky last week (Taylor/Ryan, Summer/Seth, Kirsten/Julie) this found themselves mending despite incredible odds. It was almost like a Fear Factor episode, as in each case, a greatest fear was confronted and defeated.

Ryan wrote and (nearly) read a love (nearly) poem to Taylor. Can you imagine how many pencils he broke in a white-knuckle writing session? Kirsten had to tell a client that they may have contracted chlamydia from one of her escorts. In a bar... next to bottles of chardonnay, no less. And Seth, well, he had to actually go on a hike and confront nature searching for his spirit animal with Che. The horror!

As far as the music goes, Sufjan Stevens provided Che's theme with the song "Dear Mr. Supercomputer," a song which worries about technology and it's hold on society (I'm sure Che approves.) Meanwhile, all the scenes with Taylor's ex frenchie Henri featured songs in his countrys tongue, including one by the delectable Charlotte Gainsbourg, who not only has both a lovely voice and famous father (Serge Gainsbourg) but also a budding acting career (The Science of Sleep.) Elsewhere, Sparklehorse delivers the final song, "Return to Me," which has always sounded to me like an acoustic cover of Sia's "Breathe Me," which hauntingly ended the Six Feet Under series. Good company on both fronts.

Playlist: The O.C. - Episode 4.11
1. "Dear Mr. Supercomputer" - Sufjan Stevens - Seth finds Che in Summer's living room doing tai chi. Then again as Summer reads a letter from Che that he and Seth are going hiking in the forest.
2. "The New E Blues" - The Western State Motel (MySpace) - Seth and Summer are on their "date" in Summer's room.
3. "Garcon Glacon" - April March - Ryan shows up at Henri-Michel's hotel suite
4. "Du Temps" - The Low Standards (MySpace) - Taylor walks into Henri-Michel's hotel suite from her day at work.
5. "Hidden in the Sand" - Tally Hall - Seth's sweat hut-induced dream where he finds and saves his spirit animal.
6. "Tel Que Tu Es" - Charlotte Gainsbourg (MySpace) - Taylor enters Henri-Michel's hotel suite and finds a note from him.
7. "Return to Me" - Sparklehorse - Taylor meets up with Ryan in the backyard of The Cohen's house and they talk.

Previously: Rabbit, Run (Episode 4.10)

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