Friday, February 02, 2007

Combien du temps?

Last night The O.C. continued it's final sprint to the finish (only three episodes left now,) going back and answering lingering questions through the art of flashbacks. We learn the mythology behind Seth's early love of Summer (a poem that turns out to have been written by a coke-bottle-glasses-wearing Taylor,) and the reasons why Kirsten broke up with her high school sweetheart Jimmy Cooper.

For that flashback, they utilized R.E.M.'s "Talk About the Passion," an appropriate song both for the time (September, 1983) and the lyrics, which reference Kirsten's situation both then and now:
Not everyone can carry the weight of the world
Combien, combien, combien du temps?
Combien du temps translates as "how much time," and it's later revealed (although we all pretty much guessed) that Kirsten terminated a pregnancy (from Jimmy,) and had been carrying that secret (ie the weight of the world) with her until now. Meanwhile, Summer and Seth continue their back and forth, with Kirsten's rememberences adding doubt to Summer's belief that Seth is 'her Sandy Cohen.'

Elsewhere, the triangle between Julie, Bullit and Frank pulls in a couple fine film references, the first being the Oscar-winning Picnic, which is referenced through use of the theme song, "Theme from Picnic" by Frank Chacksfield. Picnic tells the story of an ex-football star turned drifter who arrives in a small town and is drawn to a girl who's already spoken for by a rich man. Sounds like we have a remake here, with Frank as the drifter, Julie the girl spoken for, and Bullit the rich man. Later, in a more overt homage, Bullit walks off the tarmac with Katlin and says "this could be the start of a beautiful relationship..." referencing Casablanca.

Finally... did you catch the funny Bait Shop reference? Justin Timberlake is mentioned on a newscast as being booked to play there, to which the newscaster ponders "how does a venue so small get such big name acts?" And with that, we continue the countdown... combien du temps? Just more three weeks.

Playlist: The O.C. - Episode 4.13
1. "Theme From 'Picnic' (Moonglow)" - Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
2. "Talk About The Passion" - R.E.M.
3. "Wannabe" - cast member on camera
4. "Start Today Tomorrow" - Youth Group
5. "Unaware" - The Midway State

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MJAPA said...

Hmmm.. must go rent Picnic now.
:-) I think I may have seen it as it seems familiar, but I'm not sure and I love me some Kim!

MJAPA said...

So I rented it. That movie is REALLY silly. Had I seen it before Vertigo, I may not have liked Kim enough to watch it.

drake leLane said...

Good to know! I'll take it off my Netflix que ;)

MJAPA said...

Yeah, keep it on there if you want something to make fun of. I bet a really fun drinking game could be created from watching that movie. Like take a drink every time Kim messes with her hair. When she isn't brushing it, she is putting it up or taking it down through the whole movie. And you could take a shot every time she says "I'm pretty" You would be in the ER by the end of the movie.