Friday, February 16, 2007

Hot death sandwich

Do you honestly believe they'll change the name of the show to just Anatomy?

For those hiding under a rock, the life of the name on the marquee has died. Clinically speaking, that is, for at least a moment when she wakes up in ghost land between last season's two big ratings deaths: Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Dylan the bomb-squad leader (Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights,) like some sort of Hot Death Sandwich. And because we've got to work music in here, this moment was backed by Butterfly Boucher's "Bitter Song" which also opened the episode with Meredith's (brief) struggle in the water.

Now, all logic says that Meredith Grey will be saved in next week's episode, which is titled "Some Kind of Miracle" - and if that isn't clue enough, then just know that even if the writers wanted to off the Grey in Grey's Anatomy, there's no way the network would allow them to kill future prospects just to get a spike in ratings. So instead, every last doctor in the hospital is there working on saving her life (the rest of the patients be damned!)

Of course, it would be unacceptable to have your audience all ready for death and then not deliver, so instead, someone else on the show must die... but who will it be? Dr. Burke (thus ending Isaiah Washington's reign of PR terror?) or possibly George (thus, again, ending Isaiah Washington's reign of PR terror?) Or, more likely, a different Grey dies... namely mommy dearest who, if you'll remember, is about to undergo a difficult surgery.

You know what else is difficult? Pairing music up with a scene of some dude getting his head drilled into, yet somehow it's accomplished. Meanwhile, this week's title track ("Drowning on Dry Land") is appropriately a blues song, seeing how Mer is literally blue, from hypothermia.

Title track: "Drowning on Dry Land" - Albert King
1. "Bitter Song" - Butterfly Boucher (MySpace) - Episode opens with Meredith struggling in the water in super slow-mo. Later again at the end of the episode as the doctors work on Meredith.
2. "Timeless" - Kate Havnevik (MySpace) - Izzie drills into a patients head. The little girl stares at the water as Derek finally emerges with Meredith.
3. "The Great Escape" - Patrick Watson (MySpace) - Izzie is in surgery with her patient. Alex posts pictures from the morgue.

Previously: Rock the boat (Episode 3.15)

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Kimberly said...

Ok, I couldn't give a rip about the O.C., but didn't they do something similar with killing off their main character? And now it's being cancelled?

But what if Meredith becomes the voice from the beyond? I mean, all we really need her for are the voice-overs, anyway. Right?

drake leLane said...

They could do that... and enter into Desparate Housewives territory.

Personally, I like the idea of her haunting the hospital with Denny and Dylan, sort of a Dead Like twist to the whole thing.

Of course none of this happens because she's coming back.

drake leLane said...

Dead Like Me is what I meant in the above comment before hitting publish so recklessly.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is




drake leLane said...

Help me out here Anonymous... is that sound of Meredith drowning?

MJAPA said...

I sort of like the idea of Mer being offed so early in the show. But, I know she won't so that is cool.
Not that you asked, but here is my prediction:

Mer is gonna live with some message from Denny/beyond telling washername to move on with her life. This will be her green light to get naked with Mc Steamy!

George is gonna come to his senses and go to divorce Cali who is gonna tell him that she is preggers (makes sense to me after the sex maniac episode last week) So he will be stuck

McD's wifey will be the one who save Mer's life somehow.

Oh and Mer's mom will die.

Don't have a clue where mr boom guy fits in other than people REALLY liked him and thought he would be a love interest but he was already turned into pink mist. Maybe this is the writers way of playing on that vibe PM.

So there you have it. I wonder how much will be right?

drake leLane said...

I think you hit most of it on the head... Denny and Dylan (hey, where's George's dad?) give Meredith some advice and she comes back ready to deal with her mother. Only she dies... so dealing with her is a whole different thing.

I don't know about you, but I'm envisioning Meredith right now suspended in midair on waterskis flying over some sharks.

Kate D. said...

Love the title of your post.

I'm betting Meredith will come back to life... but who will be the one to save her, since her knight in shining whatever's been banished to the hall, and the interns are grouped around the door like so many chilled little kittens?

I don't know who it would actually be. My vote's for Addison, though. That would be intriguing.

Anonymous said...

i think that she will come back and that denny and dylan will help her understand that mcdreamy is the man for her. i think that later in the show they will get married. i am not sure who will save her maybe her mother or addison not sure i just want her to stay alive so she can be with McDreamy.

Anonymous said...

So, obviously I agree with the rest of you. Yes, I believe that Mer is coming back, and yes, I think that Denny and Dylan will give her some advice about McDreamy. And I also think that Denny will communicate something to Izzy through Mer. But I've also been thinking about this. What if Mer's mom dies before they reviver her. Then maybe in the "ghost" world, they'll be able to settle things...

curlybecs said...

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