Friday, February 09, 2007

Rock the boat

Ok, bear with me for a minute while I get this off my chest. In Seattle, we don't call them ferry boats... we call them ferries. Got it? Around here, calling them ferry boats is akin to calling a yacht a yacht boat... it's redundant. Every time I hear them referred to as such on Grey's Anatomy, it induces some cringing - and it's not just me. Perhaps the addition of 'boat' is because of the confusion that might be caused from hearing McDreamy pronounce "I have a thing for ferries," as he did last night (and in front of Isaiah Washington's Dr. Burke, no less.)

Last night was Grey's 'Super Bowl' episode, a code name given by creator/writer Shonda Rhimes, referring to last year's
two-part disaster episodes "It's The End of the World As We Know It," which followed the Super Bowl (and catapulted the show to the top of the ratings.) Whereas last year, the danger was inside the hospital (a bomb,) this time they're out at the scene of a ferry crash, and Rhimes makes full use of her bag of tricks. The ferries have long been a metaphor for Mer and Der's relationship, so seeing one ablaze gives testament to the effect that Mer's mother had last week in her brief (but fiery) moment of lucidity. The other tool here is the use of the lost young girl who more fully represents Mer's feelings post-mom encounter. Also the fact that she begins and ends the episode underwater hardly needs emphasis here.

Musically, Grey's brings out their big guns from last year, Snow Patrol, who's songs used in last year's season finale helped make hits of both the show and artist. This time out the song is "Make This Go On Forever" and it lyrically follows Meredith off the dock into the water:
The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I have ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love
And I don't know where to look
My words just break and melt
Please just save me from this darkness

Hope Meredith can hold her breath under water better then she did with 'toxic girl' last week...

Playlist: Grey's Anatomy - Episode 315
Title track: "Walk on Water" - Neil Diamond (or maybe Eddie Money?)

Previously: The outing of Preston Burke (Episode 3.11-12)

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drake leLane said...

Grey's Anatomy - Episode 315
Title track: "Walk on Water" - Neil Diamond (or maybe Eddie Money?)

1. "The Hop" - Radio Citizen
2. "Opposite Direction" - Union of Knives (MySpace)
2. "Liar" - 8mm
3. "Make This Go On Forever" - Snow Patrol

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