Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Now Downloading: New Releases 02.06.07

It's another week chock-full of listening goodness. There's a couple releases that I had I expecations for and a few others here that are pleasant surprises.

Playlist: New Releases 02.06.07

Here's a rundown of what's downloading into my Sansa as I type this:

Album: Loney, Dear - Loney Noir

I've been anticipating this one since the announcement late last year that Loney, Dear had signed on with Sub Pop, as their release last year Sologne (which has yet to see US release) was one the favorite things I brought back from Europe this past summer. Loney, Dear is essentially Emil Svanängen, a Swedish artist who writes songs in the style of twee Belle & Sebastian (or, probably more appropriate, countryman Jens Lekman,) with the instrumental flourishes of a Sufjan Stevens.

Loney Noir is similar in nature, with the excellent first single "I Am John" picking up where Sologne left off. Emil's breezy falsetto with a glockenspial punctuates the near sacharine sweetness of the tune. The other standout track is "Saturday Waits," which you'll find yourself humming unrecognizably later.

Download: "I Am John" (Sub Pop) / Video (Sub Pop/YouTube)


Album: Yoko Ono - Yes, I Am A Witch

The concept for Yes, I'm a Witch was to give the indie rockers Yoko Ono songs to tinker with and remake, keeping, in most cases, only her voice. Cat Power, Jason Pierce of Spiritualized ("Walking on Thin Ice,") The Flaming Lips ("Cambridge 1969/2007,") Le Tigre, Shitake Monkey, Polyphonic Spree ("You and I,") The Apples in Stereo ("Nobody Sees Me Like You Do,") DJ Spooky, Peaches ("Kiss Kiss Kiss,") The Blow Up ("Everyman... Everywoman,") Craig Armstrong ("O'Oh,") Hank Shocklee, The Sleepy Jackson ("I'm Moving On") and others contribute to the experiment with fascinating results. When Chan Marshall (Cat Power) joins in singing along to "Revelations" the goose bumps are summoned. These songs once thought to be 'scratching the chalkboard' impenetrable, become a sweet tribute to this artist who became unfairly pigeonholed in her career.


Album: The Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder

The last couple albums by Elephant 6 survivors The Apples in Stereo have been pretty lackluster, so it's a pleasant surprise to find that New Magnetic Wonder is their best since at least 1999's Her Wallpaper Reverie. They recently played the launch party at Sundance (who I contribute to on occasion now video of "Energy" live) and have generally become a lot more visible. And with songs like "Can You Feel It?" and the ELO-esque "Same Old Drag," they might just finally get the visibility they deserve.


Album: Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere

If you're a fan of Broken Social Scene, then you should be familiar with guitarist Andrew Whiteman's other band, Apostle of Hustle. AOH mine much of the same territory as BSS, like the excellent title track, but instead find inspiration from a far warmer place then Toronto. Like AOH's first album, Fokloric Feel, National Anthem of Nowhere is, in part, inspired by Cuban music, as heard in the songs "¡Rafaga!" and "Fast Pony for Victor Jara," only this time they're merely sprinkled throughout the sofa cushion compositions that Whiteman does so well.


Other albums going into my Sansa:
Bloc Party - Weekend in the City
Peter, Bjorn & John - Writer's Block
Sondre Lerche - Phantom Punch
Backyard Tire Fire - Vagabonds and Hooligans
Dexateens - Hardwired Healing
!Forward Russia! - Eighteen
Kiss Kiss - Reality Vs. The Optimist
Sarah Shannon - City Morning Song

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drake leLane said...

New Releases 02.07.07

1. I Still Remember - Bloc Party
2. I Am John - Loney, Dear
3. Can You Feel It? - The Apples in Stereo
4. National Anthem Of Nowhere - Apostle Of Hustle
5. Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn, and John
6. John, Let Me Go - Sondre Lerche
7. Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono
8. Along The Way - Sarah Shannon
9. They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns - Bayside
10. Green Eyed Soul - Backyard Tire Fire
11. In My Pocket - Cat Empire
12. Neil Armstrong - Dexateens
13. Eighteen (Single) - !Forward Russia!
14. Sue Me Sue - Joe Ely
15. Iris And Eye - Kiss Kiss
16. Broken Stereos - Lillydale
17. Last Night - Little Brazil
18. Looks Like Rain - The Postmarks
19. Falling Up - Rickie Lee Jones
20. Stay On The Ride - Patty Griffin
21. In Spite Of Ourselves - John Prine With Iris Dement
22. Bonnie Et Clyde - Belinda Carlisle

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