Thursday, March 08, 2007

No, I actually can't wait

Couldn't You Wait? is a documentary on the great band Silkworm. This extended trailer (taken down at the behest of the director) features friends and acquaintances of mine (along with Steve Albini) talking about the band that affected our lives in one way or another. This 14 minutes is purely reverential, and doesn't touch on the tragedy of their ending.


Playlist: Silkworm sampler

Can't do a proper list without either the (criminally out-of-print) album Libertine or their final EP Chokes, of which neither is digitally available.

There's also a tribute album coming out soon, and last week Silkworm fans like Chris Brokaw (The New Year, Consonant, Codeine) and .22 played a show at Chicago's Empty Bottle to help with the release of the tribute. There were rumors that a live recording by my old band doing "Three Beatings" was in consideration to be used as an uncredited (as requested) bonus track.

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drake leLane said...

Silkworm sampler

1. Three Beatings
2. Scrawl
3. Our Secret
4. Violet
5. Scruffy Tumor
6. Pearl Harbor
7. Into The Woods
8. Raised By Tigers
9. Incanduce
10. Nerves
11. Wet Firecracker
12. Slow Hands
13. Cannibal Cannibal
14. Tarnished Angel
15. Severance Pay
16. The City Glows
17. Never Met A Man I Didn't Like
18. Waiting On A Train
19. EFF
20. Redeye
21. Empty Elevator Shaft
22. Tonight We're Meat
23. Slave Wages
24. Treat The New Guy Right
25. Yr Web
26. That's Entertainment
27. Dead Air
28. The Third
29. Is She A Sign
30. The Brain
31. White Lightning
32. Don't Look Back
33. Insomnia
34. The Operative

MJAPA said...

Awww.. thanks for posting this. I had no idea they were doing it. It is so nice to see my old pal Michael in action. It makes me miss him again.

Seth Pomeroy said...
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drake leLane said...

REMOVED... sorry for the trouble. Anxious to see more ;)

Seth Pomeroy said...

No problem, Drake! Thanks for removing it so quickly. Feel free to discuss it on forums, pass the link around, I just don't want the link/video to be posted in a place where anyone could stumble upon it.