Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogalot? (or Not Dead Yet)

Besides the virus/malware I was besieged with a couple days ago, the wife and I also went out and saw Spamalot, as it finally made it to Seattle. It was a lot of fun, and our first venture out of the house without the new baby. Meanwhile, our babysitter (apparently) reserves the right to cancel any of our DVR recordings, hence no Reaper this week. Still, it was worth it to finally get out of the house with my lady, and laugh at the show, and at the bellowing cackles from the large Magic-playing maiden sitting to our right. I tried not to anticipate lines (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail,) but failed miserably much to my wife's chagrin.

Album: Spamalot - Monty Python's Original Cast Recording

It's Live Theatre Week here in Seattle, and of course we go and see something that has nothing to do with it (other then it's live theatre, of course.)

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