Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Potty Cake, Potty Cake

Late in coming, but congrats to Eli for ditchin' the diapers. It's been over a week now, and there's no looking back. We had a party at the time, and you wouldn't believe how excited the cake decorator was to make a potty.

As a side note, someone really ought to do something about the selection of songs dedicated to potty training. Eli's still singing several of them we tried out (none in Rhapsody, unfortunately/thankfully). Not a playlist you'll find yourself going back to, I know... but I can understand why few songwriters would want to take the subject matter on in song.

Playlist: Potty Training

1. "Why Would I Wanna Wear Diapers ( when I could wear underpants)" - Corey Leland
2. "Poo Party" - The Mudcakes
3. "Party in my Potty" - The Juice Pops
4. "Potty Animal" - Auntie Poo and The Porta-Potties
5. "Potty Training Blues" - BS Productions


Arjan said...

HA! I found 'Where's my potty?'

Where's my potty?

drake leLane said...

illustrates my point perfectly ;)

bumpershine said...

Mazel Tov! Perhaps Max will get some inspiration from Eli.