Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Supersonic soul crusher

Tonight the Sonics potentially play their last game as a Seattle entity and that depresses the hell out of me. Since the sale of the team to the Okie blokes the loss of the team has been felt here as an inevitability, with all claims of 'good faith' in negotiating, for the most part, pure theater -- on both sides. It's common knowledge that the NBA has their own 'don't ask, don't tell' policy (see the Jason Kidd trade) where, as long as you keep up appearances, all parties have deniability. You break that code (as Jerry Stackhouse found out) and things have to be set straight.

Well, the emails that have gone public have pulled loose that veil of deniability, which is why we're seeing a change in posture. Lawsuits have been filed (Schultz sues to get back Sonics,) letters have been written (Gov. Gregoire, Senators Murray and Cantwell... yet Commish Stern continues to play along with the charade. Accordingly, public opinion in the Northwest has gone through an adjustment. The usual indifference here in Seattle has turned to anger, but when you get down to it, nothing has really changed. Deep down, the fans and non-fans alike knew that Clay "I am a man possessed" Bennett and co. planned from the start to move the team. But since we all have a part to play in the charade, on with the show --- (Save our Sonics).

Song: "Never To Be Mine" - Tommy McCook and the Supersonics

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