Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

The KEXP Kid's Dance Party
High carb snacks leading to an inevitable crash.

When the parents finally moved out of the way and let the kids have the floor, disappointment followed there as well. This photo was taken by Chad Syme for KEXP shortly after Eli got shoved during some breakdancing lessons -- his disappointment on full display. I was vicariously disappointed as well... I guess I should have known they'd overfill Neumo's.

It wasn't all bad though... coloring the walls on the balcony was great fun for Zane.


Michelle Auer said...

OMG! The photo of Zane is my new most favorite photo ever. EVER!! So cute!

drake leLane said...

he just could not contain his excitement at being able to color on the walls ;)