Friday, June 13, 2008

Seattle's Brooklyn: The Georgetown Music Festival

The Architecture blog The Build says it best:
If Georgetown is one thing- it’s cool, it’s so cool it doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. Located approximately 3 miles south of downtown, Georgetown is Seattle’s Brooklyn. It’s got the proximity to keep urban but the distance to elude the touristimos. While compact, Georgetown has everything a Seattleite needs: cost-effective real estate, pizza, and good coffee.
Today (3:30PM) begins the third annual Georgetown Music Festival, and while many Seattlites still don't even know the neighborhood exists ("isn't that in the other Washington?") this little festival that could, continues to amaze with the amount of bands it manages to pull in.

Playlist: Georgetown Music Festival 2008

Expanding to 57 bands and four stages covering today and tomorrow, co-founder Stefan Schachtel opted for a more diverse lineup after hearing complaints that last year's festival had too much power pop (is that even possible?) This year's lineup is certainly diverse, in fact Schachtel might have moved too far in that direction as it's almost schizophrenic in it's diversity. Concentrating again on the plethora of local acts, this year's schedule is highlighted by Helmet, The Lashes, Thee Emergency, Aqueduct, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, PWRFL Power, and the Valley.

With a great lineup of music and the weather predicting to be nearly summer-ish, it's a great excuse to find Georgetown on a map. And while your at it, head a bit early tomorrow and get some great Hawaiian breakfast at Kauai Family Restaurant... might I recommend the Blahla Special?

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drake leLane said...

Georgetown Music Festival 2008

1. The Bad Things Vaudeville Show - The Bad Things
2. Underestimated - Cancer Rising
3. Monochrome - Helmet
4. Stop The World - Little Pieces
5. Breathe - Carrie Akre
6. Jungle With Lions - Spanish for 100
7. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Godspeed
8. Small Change - Ms. Led
9. Follow the Falcon - Lords of the North
10. Pigeon Heart - Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned AliveTo Death
11. These Hands Your Eyes - The Valley
12. Lumber - Bronze Fawn
13. Make-Out Squad - Tennis Pro
14. Some Type of View That Makes Us All Different Shapes - Hypatia Lake
15. Lies Lies Lies - Hands
16. Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights - Aqueduct
17. Can You Dig It? - Thee Emergency
18. Delicate - Levator
19. Silver Hair - Le Fleur
20. Closest Thing To Paralyze - The Pink Snowflakes
21. A Very Heavy Load - Man Plus
22. The Only Thing Real - The Hanks
23. Sometimes The Sun - The Lashes
24. Heaven, Dog, and Rainbow - PWRFL Power
25. Call It Off - Speaker Speaker
26. .08 Love - Slender
27. 3000flares - Boy Eats Drum Machine
28. Animatronic Boy - Leeni
29. Khanada - Reporter
30. My Lips Are Sealed - Nazca Lines
31. Peaches - The Spoils
32. Anywhere - J Minus