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Now Downloading: New Releases 07.01.08

It's a short week, with a short list of albums, to be handled with a short post. Ratatat's latest is in Rhapsody a week early, making at least one album I can recommend, as the latest Earlimart is at best borderline, and beyond that, this week's crop is a wasteland.

Playlist: New Releases 07.01.08

Ratatat - LP3
Stream / Purchase [mp3] (Free if you act by midnight, July 4)

Ratatat - LP3Still relatively fresh from their success with 2006's Classics, the Brooklyn duo Ratatat return with this continuation of their unique take on electronica. This time out, there's a little less rock guitar (although, the Brian May-inspired guitar leads appear throughout, as in the case of "Mirando") and the mood is decidedly more mellow. They rhythms are a bit more complex, and there's far more analog synth sounds to be had, making for a fascinating journey my first time through the album. After this one listen, I know I'm going to need to hear over and over.

Download: "Mirando" [mp3]

More on the radar this week:
Earlimart - Hymn and Her / "Song For" [mp3]
Serj Tankian - Lie Lie Live
Golden Animals - Free Your Mind and Win a Pony / Free album stream / "Try on Me" [mp3]
We Versus the Shark - Dirty Versions / "Mr. Ego Death" [mp3]
Alkaline Trio - Agony & Irony / Free album stream from AOL
Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II (in Rhapsody a week early)
Jay Brannan - Goddamned / Free album stream from AOL / "At First Sight" [mp3]
Alkaline Trio - Agony & Irony / Free album stream from AOL
John Mayer - Where the Light is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles
G-Unit - T.O.S. (Terminate on Sight)
Tickle Me Pink - Madeline
Reliant K - The Bird and the Bee Sides
Van Morrison - A Night in San Francisco
Van Morrison - Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast
Van Morrison - The Healing Game
Van Morrison - A Night in San Francisco
Van Morrison - No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece
Van Morrison - Enlightenment
Miles Davis - The Musings of Miles

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drake leLane said...

New Releases 07.01.08

1. Falcon Jab - Ratatat
2. Lie Lie Lie [Live From MySpace's The List] - Serj Tankian
3. Queen Mary (The Flop) - Golden Animals
4. Mr. Ego Death - We Versus The Shark
5. 2 Sides featuring Shawty Lo - Killer Mike
6. Half-Boyfriend - Jay Brannan
7. Help Me - Alkaline Trio
8. Stop This Train (Live At The Nokia Theatre) - John Mayer
9. Piano Man featuring Young Buck - G Unit
10. The Time Is Wrong - Tickle Me Pink
11. The Scene And Herd - Relient K
12. Cleaning Windows (Bonus Track Previously Unreleased) - Van Morrison
13. She Gives Me Religion (2007 Remastered) - Van Morrison
14. At The End Of The Day (Previously Unreleased) - Van Morrison
15. Twilight Zone (Alternative Previously Unreleased) - Van Morrison
16. Lonely At The Top (Previously Unreleased) - Van Morrison
17. Enlightenment (Alternative Previously Unreleased) - Van Morrison
18. A Gal In Calico - Miles Davis