Thursday, October 09, 2008

Now Downloading: New Releases 10.07.08

It's a deep field of releases this week, topped off by the latest Bob Dylan Bootleg series release (Tell Tale Signs: the Bootleg Series Vol. 8.) Of course, in this economy, you'd be hard pressed to get the deluxe version retailing at over $100. In fact, with the state of the economy, there probably isn't a worse time for physical sales of albums, so it's a tough break for excellent new releases from Deerhoof, Department of Eagles, Vivian Girls, Lambchop, Antony & the Johnsons, Jolie Holland, Marnie Stern, Land of Talk, Women, The Spinto Band, Annuals, Oasis, a singles collection from Jay Reatard, a live album from The Clash, and the latest from longtime Drake fave New Radiant Storm King. Reissue of note: MF Doom's Operation Doomsday.

I'm hard pressed this week to do my usual full post -- it's just the time it takes to set up the post with links to albums, etc, that's so daunting a task, especially given how deep the list is this week. I'll update this post if and when I have time to.

Playlist: New Releases 10.07.08

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie
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Deerhoof - Offend MaggieThere's nothing really new to Deerhoof's latest, but Offend Maggie still works it's magic like a collection of greatest moments from their quirky back catalogue. Their version of 'twee prog' is so delightfully weird and melodic that even without forging new ground, these songs still sound fresh. From the sizzling opener "The Tears and Music of Love" to the joyful (and funky) "Snoopy Waves," one wonders who this Maggie is and how she could be offended by such wonderful noise.

Free album stream from AOL
Download: "Offend Maggie" [mp3]

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drake lelane said...

New Releases 10.07.08

1. Chandelier Searchlight - Deerhoof
2. No One Does It Like You - Department of Eagles
3. Slipped Dissolved and Loosed - Lambchop
4. Soporific Slump - New Radiant Storm King
5. Another World - Antony and the Johnsons
6. Vivian, Don't - The Spinto Band
7. Painted Shut - Jay Reatard
8. London Calling - The Clash
9. The Lonesome River (With Ralph Stanley) - Bob Dylan
10. Heaven For The Weather - The Streets
11. Corrido Por Buddy - Jolie Holland
12. Prince Squid - These Arms Are Snakes
13. Death by Fire - Land Of Talk
14. Runs In The Family - Amanda Palmer
15. German Motor Car - Margot and The Nuclear So and So's
16. High Plain 1 - Castanets
17. Lawncare - Women
18. Take Off Your Sunglasses - Ezra Furman
19. Vive Solo - Juana Molina
20. Hot Night Hounds - Annuals
21. Night Riders - Yo Majesty
22. It's You - Daniel Martin Moore
23. The Runaway - Cyne
24. What Kind of Man - Kate Gaffney
25. Golden Seal - F*ck*d Up
26. Boots of Chinese Plastic (album) - Pretenders
27. The Turning - Oasis
28. I Do - Paul Heaton
29. Makes Visible - These Are Powers
30. Rainbows Too? - Legendary Pink Dots
31. Life Boat - Eulogies
32. Apple+Option+Fire - Hot Lava
33. River of Consciousness - Rig 1
34. Reincarnation Blues - Grails
35. The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless - Her Space Holiday
36. Connection - King Tuff
37. Ordinary Song - The Little Ones
38. Take on Me - Slaraffenland
39. Balboa - Cruiserweight
40. Regrets A Paradise - Japanese Motors
41. The Good Life - Justin Townes Earle
42. What If I Leave - Rachael Yamagata
43. I Can't Make It Home Featuring L.C. - Devin The Dude
44. Morgenrot - Hauschka
45. Oh, Sunrise [Live From The Hotel Café] - Matt Hires
46. Hello Heartbreak - Michelle Williams
47. Can't Let This Die - Bella Morte
48. Long Forgotten Sons - Rise Against
49. Glory (Cajun Mix) - KMFDM
50. Doomsday - MF DOOM
51. Swastika Girls - Fripp & Eno
52. Evensong - Fripp & Eno
53. Children Of The Sea - Black Sabbath
54. Voodoo - Black Sabbath
55. Neon Knights [Live Evil Album Version] - Black Sabbath
56. After All (The Dead) - Black Sabbath