Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chuck: Not Quite Awesome

Normally, I'd get my geek on and go on about all the cultural references, but this episode left me mostly 'meh'. I expected more especially after hearing 80's TV stars Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner were going to be playing the Awesomes, parents to Devin ("Captain Awesome" - the awesome apple doesn't fall far from the awesome tree). The choice sounded very much like the fun casting that Nip/Tuck pulled off the past couple seasons.

The music choices were great, however, albeit only in the way that the music was good, not necessarily in how it matched up with content. Hearing the frenetic acronym tossing from Norway's Datarock on "New Song" was nice, but the lyrics of "FBI CIA EMI TDK" backing the battle at the GLA kind of takes you out of the scene. Better was the use of "Shake Some Blood," from the somewhat obscure Dave Grohl project Probot. Hearing Lemmy (Motorhead) on vocals during a fight scene is always a worthy choice.

Chuck - Episode 2.09
1. "The New Song" - Datarock
2. "Shake Your Blood" - Probot (featuring Lemmy on vocals, Dave Grohl on drums)
3. "Don't Worry" - Love as Laughter

Here's the cult fave video for Probot's "Shake Some Blood":

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