Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Danger when you taste brown sugar... or wear peanut butter

You can add Melissa Gilbert to the parade of stars from the 1980s that have guest appeared on Nip/Tuck so far this season. Larry Hagman, Kathleen Turner, Richard Chamberlain, Jacqueline Bisset, Brooke Shields, Tracy Scoggins... we haven't seen this many has-beens on board since The Love Boat. Of course you never saw ship Dr. Adam Bricker treating Charo for a bitten off nipple.

You see soldier's wife Shari (Gilbert) was feeling lonely in her little house on the prarie, so she does what any lonely housewife would do. Play some smooth jazz, (oooh, that's nice,) get situated on the bed (yes, feeling good...) take off your top (I like where this is going,) smear some peanut butter on your body (ooh, now that's getting kinky,) then call in the family dog (what what what?)

Playlist: Nip/Tuck - Ep 404

There actually wasn't any smooth jazz played in the episode (the dog/peanut butter scene only explained, not seen.) However, Gotan Project makes another appearance (more times now then Dr. Troy's white ass) along with a couple songs from Bitter:Sweet, who's "The Mating Game" also appeared on last week's Grey's Anatomy (is Nip/Tuck music playing catchup?)

But the two more interesting songs were saved for last. The Stories' "Brother Louie" is played while Christian lets his sexy African-American boss sit in on surgery. The song's interracial subject matter was a bit controversial back in it's day:
She was black as the night;
Louie was whiter than white,
Danger, danger when you taste brown sugar,
Louie fell in love overnight
Meanwhile, Sean comes back to the scene of last week's infidelity and, while stoned on hash brownies (impossible, I might add, as it takes at least an hour to take affect,) watches Monica dance/strip to Animotion's "Obsession," which alludes to her fixation on the good (now bad) doctor.

Tracklisting compiled by Avalon at

He's the greatest dancer (Episode 403)

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drake leLane said...

Nip/Tuck - Ep. 404

1. "Domingo" - Gotan Project - Christian and Michelle have drinks/Christian
puts the moves on her and gets slapped
2. "Heaven" - Bitter:Sweet - Liz and Christian plan a night out over surgery
3. "The Mating Game" - Bitter:Sweet - Christian tries to show Liz the moves and gets rejected
4. "Marian" - Nouvelle Vague - Liz gets seduced by a woman she brought home from the bar
5. "Brother Louie" - The Stories - Michelle joins Christian in operating on Analise
6. "Obsession" - Animotion - Sean's dream sequence with Escobar, Monica, Julia, and Megan

MJAPA said...

When they played: “Marian” - Nouvelle Vague , I thought of your blog. I started laughing because I kept thinking of the Sisters of Mercy version of this song that I grew up with. To hear it this way was cracking me up.
I told Jon, "I bet Drake will mention this one!"

drake leLane said...

you know, I thought about mentioning Sisters of Mercy, but decided not to given the amount I'd already written.

It is telling, though, that the song comes off bright and sunny when we know it's got a dark (goth) secret. Much like the kidney harvester that picked Liz up at the bar.