Thursday, September 28, 2006

Birthday blues

It was my birthday yesterday and I'm feeling a bit blue... not about getting older, just about the ridiculous amount of work that I'm doing right now. It's hard to get out from under this weight... but it will come.

We're holding off celebrating until this weekend, when I will forget about work and drink myself into a stupor.

In the meantime, here's a bunch of songs about birthdays that make me smile (even under the weight of the world.)

Playlist: Birthday Songs


drake leLane said...

Happy Birthday To Me

"Birthday Cake" Cibo Matto
"Birthday Blues" Bert Jansch
"The Birthday Party" The Sugarhill Gang
"Birthday" Mission of Burma
"Happy Birthday" Freedy Johnston
"Birthday Card" Joseph Arthur
"Birthday" Junior Boys
"Birthday Song" Ben Lee
"Burning Flag Birthday Suit" Guided By Voices
"Birthday" The Sugarcubes
"Today Is Your Birthday" Solomon Burke
"It's Not My Birthday" They Might Be Giants

Andrew said...

Hope you're enjoying a nice, healthy hangover today. :)


P.S. - Happy birthday, late.

J Shifty said...

I also would like to crawl out of my cave and wish you good wishes for another year well-lived.


drake leLane said...

hey, thanks all... I'm still hung over (or still drunk, sometimes it's hard to tell.)