Thursday, September 28, 2006

See you messed up my mental health

Lily Allen's Smile digipack just became available here in the US (and in Rhapsody,) which makes my birthday extension a bit brighter (thank you J Shifty.)

Single: Lily Allen - Smile

Featuring the song that shot to #1 in the UK back in July, Smile also has the b-sides "Cheryl Tweedy" and "Absolutely Nothing," which for throwaways aren't so bad.

On "Cheryl Tweedy" Lilly professes a wish to "look just like Cheryl Tweedy," which begs the question: Just who is Cheryl Tweedy and why would Lily Allen want to look like her? Well, Cheryl Cole, née Tweedy, sings in the UK group Girls Aloud and is married to the Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole. She's barbie doll gorgeous, which probably signals that there's a dis in there somewhere, knowing Lily's inclination.

The 4th track, a gutter mix version of "Smile", is rather pointless, unfortunately.

Lily hits North American next week, with stops in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, L.A. and Chicago (but alas, no Seattle - it's back to the birthday blues...)

Of course, I could just pay up and get her here (Celebrity Dream Date charity aucton on eBay.)

Alright, Steal is a compilation of the songs that Lily Allen samples for her album Alright, Still. (music like dirt)

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