Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life: Man on a Stick

This marks the beginning of what will likely be the separation for Life of Detectives Reese and Crews, not born of any plot device but instead due to the fact that actress Sarah Shahi is pregnant, and the series isn't likely to get renewed. To deal with Shahi's pregnancy, they've shoehorned in a side story to have her sitting down for the rest of the season, as she goes through some tests to try out for the FBI. In her place, Crews has his old beat partner Officer Stark to bounce his philosophies off of (that, and for this episode at least, someone from India-outsourced tech support). As a result, we're missing the great back-and-forth we've come to love from the pair, and we'll likely be missing for the remainder of the series.

Well, now that we got the bad out of the way, the good for this episode was a return to oddity that puts a certain shine of the series. Twin pigeon fanciers ("answer the question bird boys,") a financial advisor who specializes in derivatives and the Martha Stewart of contract killers all play a part. The confusion over derivatives was a good way to both have fun with our current economic crisis, and to incorporate Ted into the story more gracefully than the past. His scenes with Damien Lewis' real life wife (Helen McCrory) were a highlight as well (they are sure getting a lot of worthy mileage out of her smoking).

Meanwhile, there was only one song used in the episode, which bookended the episode nicely, and that was Travis' sublime cover of Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time." The song, a stage favorite of the band, was released as a b-side back in 2000 for the single "Turn." I have soft spot for obscure covers of insanely popular songs, so it hit me pretty well.

Life - Episode 2.16
1. "...Baby One More Time" - Travis

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