Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost: The Passion of John Locke

Oh, what a tangled web Lost weaves, and yet here we are getting more and more answers (sometimes to questions we didn't even think to ask). The title "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham," works in a couple of ways. Sure John Locke's journey is a lot like the trials of Jesus (with Jack in the role of Thomas, Benjamin as our Judas, and our other clue provide to us via last week's title, "316" - which references John 3:16,) but there's more to it than just the great acting of Terry O'Quinn, as we also find out a bit more about the two sides of bad: Charles Widmore and Ben Linus (badass and, it seems, badderass).

For the "Life of Jeremy Bentham" it's Charles Widmore who gives life to the alias, so we begin with him. In choosing the name as a commentary on his birth name of John Locke, as Bentham was pretty much the opposite of Locke (Natural rights=hogwash, ends>the means, I feel like this has been hashed out plenty since the name was revealed in the season 3 finale, "Through the Looking Glass"). Does this makes us trust Widmore now? Hardly...sending Keaney w/ a boat full of C4 to the island hardly begs one trust (but the crack science team that he and Abaddon rounded up sure seemed to be sympathetic to the island's needs... so there's that). He wants John back on the Island, and interestingly enough, so does Ben.

Speaking of Ben, our 'Judas' is the one who provides the "Death" part of the title, in one of the best scenes shot for the series. He also manages to take out Abaddon along the way, which I thought would be much harder. (I guess there's no more conflict for actor Lance Reddick with Fringe now.) It's his second time killing John -- let's see how he talks his way out of this one. My guess is he'll quickly get the other passengers on his side, being the manipulator that he is (and tying it to the dream Walt shared with Locke/Bentham). They're on the secondary smaller island, as evidenced by the Hydra station, while it's more fully understood that our A-list passengers were pulled in the flash of light to 30 years or so in the past (because the Island apparently needs them at that time?)

This episode was originally set to air last week, with "316" slotted for last night. Not sure why they changed plans, but I couldn't help thinking how it would've worked seeing Locke resurrected with the plane landing on the island. The ending, where we John finds out that at least Hugo was on the plane and then eventually finds Ben in the makeshift infirmary, would've been a real head turner without having seen "316."

Hurly yells, "He's Evil!" at Matthew Abbadon, which is the title of Charlie's favorite song by the Kinks. Charlie, of course, visits Hurley as a ghost, and we have to assume, is the one that ultimately prods him into buying the tickets for that flight (with Charlie's guitar in hand).

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