Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nip/Tuck: Teacher failing student

This second half of the season for Nip/Tuck is turning out to be a masochistic affair. Cutting off your breasts with a bread knife, now a promising surgeon destroys his dominant hand to get out from under his father's will. The series is running out of ways for people to destroy themselves, so we must be coming it's end.

The prominent theme here was teacher and student, and the musical choice to repeatedly back the scenes was Mancini's "Dreamsville." Not only was it a love theme for the tv show Peter Gunn (oh, Edie!) but it also featured a young John Williams on piano in Mancini's orchestra. Williams, of course, would go on to fame scoring Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, etc., but at the time he was kind of a student to Mancini's teacher. In this episode, all the teachers ultimately fail their students (Christian, Sean, Raj's dad and Carrie May all blow it with their students,) but I've not heard any stories that parallel that with Mancini and Williams' time together.

Meanwhile, there was also the affairs of Christian Troy to cover, and that went to "Hercules Theme" by the aptly named Hercules and Love Affair, along with Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out." And normally, I'd get all excited about hearing R.E.M.'s cover of "Superman," but I'm too worn out with masochism to care.

Stay classy, N/T.

Playlist: Nip/Tuck - Episode 5.18
1. "Dreamsville" - Henry Mancini - Used throughout episode to underscore teacher/student scenes
2. "Superman" - REM - Sean and Raj perform Christian’s pectoral reconstruction/Matt visits & Sean suggests Raj tutor him/Vijay Paresh tells Sean why he’s visiting Raj
3. "Hercules Theme" - Hercules and Love Affair - Liz spruces up/Christian has sex over and over…/Liz walks in on Christian
4. "Steppin Out" - Joe Jackson - Sean takes Raj out for wings and beer/Matt calls Raj/Christian has more sex and his implant moves
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