Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chuck: An Unfeeling Machine

If Chuck is on the edge of cancellation, it's certainly not going down without a fight (or without a few 'stunts' to get some ratings). Exhibit A: "Chuck vs The Broken Heart" features Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice) stripping at Awesome's surprise Buy More bachelor party. It was fun seeing how Jeffster react to the proceedings, but the machines that brought us to that point were loud and clumsy (ditto goes for the Subway footlong product tie-in).

Of course, it was inevitable that the Sarah-has-feelings-for-Chuck liability was going to have to be addressed, but the resolution with General Beckman at the end didn't seem at all earned. At least Tricia Helfer got to show off her... um... skills, and I think we'll see Agent Alex Forrest again, if there's another season, of course. Casey and Forrest make an interesting pair, with the scenes between them cleaning and loading their tranq guns being a highlight of the epiosode. There's a good story arc in there somewhere... one possibly involving some bunny boiling, if her name has any significance (Fatal Attraction). The other name fun was the target here, Rashad Ahmad, who's in the hospital with a bum ticker under the alias Harry Lime (The Third Man,) which an exhibition of the power of positive thinking (many lives).

Most the music tonight was devoted to the bachelor party, but the ending song, Bon Iver's "Blood Bank" was an inspired choice, the kind that gives goose bumps. I'm fairly certain the song's meaning has little to do with what was intended here (the ties of blood between Ellie, Chuck and their father,) but it works nonetheless.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 2.18
1. "Hearts And Minds" - Matt Pond PA [mp3]
2. "Jump Around" - House Of Pain
3. "LoveGame" - Lady Gaga
4. "Bottle Pop" - Pussycat Dolls (with Snoop Dogg)
5. "You're Turnin' Me On" - Keri Hilson (with Lil Wayne)
6. "Bite Hard" - Franz Ferdinand
7. "Blood Bank" - Bon Iver

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