Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chuck: On the other side of the screen...

On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy - Kevin, Tron

My son turned four yesterday, and I'm terribly behind, so this will be ever so brief.

"Chuck vs. the Lethal Weapon" was alike a yummy cracker after being starved for over-arching plot. Chuck turning over that Tron movie poster dealt with a couple points. One, for how much they've shown the poster, it's nice to find out that it is more than just a geek cultural reference. Second point being that Chuck hasn't just been sitting idly by this whole time.... he's mapping things out like Detective Crews on that other under-appreciated series Life.

It wasn't the best episode, but just good enough to make me less annoyed by the Chuck/Sarah relationship. To that end, Josh Schwartz has divulged that they will be dealing with it this season, and that they're pulling out all the stops with the season finale, ending it as they had planned for the series. So if Chuck doesn't get picked up, we'll at least have a proper ending. And hopefully the build up to the finale will carry give it enough legs to get picked up for next season.

What's with all the recent Karate Kid references? Loved hearing Blitzen Trapper ("God & Suicide,") and it worked so well lyrically with the torture Chuck faces living with Sarah: "a taste of heaven mixed with hell inside of my head."

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 2.16
1. "God & Suicide" - Blitzen Trapper
2. "Walk Like an Egyptian" - Puppini Sisters
3. "Signs" - Bloc Party

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