Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night Lights: Man-hatin' Music

Not only is it the playoffs, but this week's game on FNL is being televised nationally (on NBC, naturally,) so stakes are high. But you'd never know it in the episode ("Game of the Week") by the disappearing act of the father-son-father-by-proxy drama between the McCoys and Coach Taylor. I realize the budget is probably such that they had to pick and choose episodes to leave out some of the cast, but in a football-centric episode like this, it certainly seems weird.

It's worth pointing out up front here that the series is reportedly close to getting a two-season renewal, thanks to the DirectTV connection. In that light, it's weird to think about Tim and Matt's move towards college, and wonder if they'll get the same kind of send-off story arcs that Smash and Jason got this season, or if next season will just start without them.

The other connecting thread throughout was self-destructive men and their relationships with women. The Riggins boys have always been able to find ways to turn any bit of success on its ear, and they both alienate their ladies here, leading to what was probably the episode highlight: Lyla and Mindy bonding over their some Riggins hate, dancing to "Hot n Cold" by Katie Perry, the anchor to the Collette mom's man-hating music. And, since we've already said goodbye to characters we love (Smash and Jason,) it's nice to say goodbye to one we've never liked, in that rodeo clown Cash. The show has thrown all kinds of red flags with the cowboy, so finding out about his gambling habit and that he's got an abusive streak in him hardly seemed surprising.

Not much else musically to bring up here other than hearing Alice Cooper's "School's Out," reminded me once again of Dazed & Confused.

Playlist: Friday Night Lights - Episode 3.09
1. "Dallas" - Jimmie Dale Gilmore - Tim confronts Billy about his truck.
2. "They Call Me Hopeless Destroyer" - Brimstone Howl - Practice
3. "School's Out" - Alice Cooper - Tami announces they're the game of the week to the school.
4. "Toes" - Zac Brown Band - Tyra meets Cash's entourage.
5. "Rock Bottom" - UFO - Cash rides.
6. "Feeding Off The Dirt" - Come On - Start of game.
7. "Lie Detector" - Reverend Horton Heat - Matt gets his chance at wide receiver.
8. "Whiskey Or God" - Dale Watson - Cash shows his dark side.
9. "Carina" - James Hunter - Tami's birthday is interrupted by Tyra call.
10. "Hot N Cold" - Katy Perry - Lyla and Mindy bond over men problems
11. "I'll Rock Your Body" by Jarvis Church - Billy shows up at Mindy's house.

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Anonymous said...

What was the name of the booty shakin song Mindy and Lyla were dancing to in the 'Game of the Week' episode?

drake lelane said...

there were two songs that played... "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry was first, and the second one was "I'll Rock Your Body" by Jarvis Church.