Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost: Is That Freedom Rock?


Between the asshattery of Fisher Communications and the thrill of the NCAA tournament, I'm both late to watch and to process the latest episode ("Namaste") of Lost. And, since this is a day late (and a 5-spot short - inflation) we'll keep the musing to the music.

There was only two songs that we heard in the episode and while neither contains any deeper meaning, they provided the right (groovy) vibe for the Dharma Initiative'rs. First is Sawyer James Lafleur delivering the new castaways via the Dharma van to the sounds of The Blues Image's "Ride, Captain, Ride". It's one of the few great songs from the era that has yet to be overplayed (Anchorman notwithstanding,) and the lyrics are simple and fit nicely:
Ride, Captain, Ride, on your mystery ship
Be amazed, at the friends, you have here on your trip.
Meanwhile, what's a visit to the 70's era Dharma Initiative without the fictional Geronimo Jackson? We had a hint of them back in "316," when Jin drove up in the Dharma van to find Jack, Kate and Hurley, and we hear that song ("Dharma Lady") during "Namaste." The song was made available via iTunes this week (album art,) and the internets quickly figured out the song was actually a reworking of an existing song by the Grateful Dead-ish San Diego band The Donkeys, called "Excelsior Lady." The band mainly apes the sounds from the era, and given both their proficiency and relative obscurity, they make for a perfect Geronimo Jackson.

Here's the reworked version:

Hey, is that Freedom Rock? Well, turn it up!

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