Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reaper - "No Reaper Left Behind" - Dark Lord of Asses

Here's what we know about the Devil in the world of Reaper.

1) He's smart,
2) He's a snappy dresser,

Remember towards the end of last season when things were working well? Demon neighbors Steve (Ken Marino) and Tony (Michael Ian Black) introduced the concept of talking inside a circle (round room) so the Devil couldn't 'eavesdrop.' This season, Sam carries on like that never happened, like he can just make his plans without worrying about a small detail like his near-omnipotence. Now I realize Sam isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but to repeat the same mistake over and over and expect a different result is, by definition, insanity. I don't think the writers mean for Sam to be insane, and that is driving me crazy (and raising my bloodlust level).

Meanwhile, Sam's other father hasn't had much to do since the start of the series, and especially since he sort of went and became undead. It's fitting that he finds running a blog Hell on Earth ("I hate posting a daily blog that's only gotten eight hits,") so he decides he may as well be of service in the real Hell. Sending dear Dad into the abyss has some interesting possibilities, as they've really wasted the 'dead father intrigue' so far. But it does beg the question: Can the Devil intercept text messages? And what cellular service does Daddy have that he gets service Hell? Now that's some coverage.

Speakin of Hell... the only song this week is "Believe" from Cher. Ben's delivery of "My Mom made a mix-tape," is the only thing that saved that moment.

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Arjan said...

you're certainly have some really good points. Although they should have just named a provider's name which 'obviously' has reception in hell.

Being cancelled, I hope they can make the most of the remaining part of the season though. Because even though there are some things (like the ones you mentioned) which should be left out or in Reaper dóes make me laugh a lot. Oh and Nina's hot, that helps too.

Anonymous said...

Great review of this episode. I'm not giving up on Reaper. Ideas here: