Monday, April 27, 2009

Chuck vs the Ring - I'm Kilroy, Kilroy!

Josh Schwartz said in a recent interview that if Chuck wasn't renewed, this episode "will be one of the least satisfying finales of all time." I have to differ with that in one regard, namely that it's hard to find any circumstance where this finale wouldn't be less than satisfying. From the the opening with Millbarge's Buymoria flag all the way to the game-changing Matrix-referencing ending ("Guys, I know Kung-Fu") it was Chuck firing on all cylinders. If it wasn't the best Chuck episode ever (that would stillb e last week's "Vs the Colonel," it was still quite possibly the most entertaining hour of television all year. And while my living room won't be on fire if it's not renewed, there will definitely be at least some gutteral screams at the news. As Casey says after seeing a few Bartkowski leg kicks, "Chuck me."

I'll try to keep it brief (epic FAIL) for now and get more in tomorrow, but here's few things about the music. Jeffster! We knew they were going to be in the finale, and we've heard just about every "Mr. Roboto" joke in the book, but from now on, Chuck owns the song. If you noticed the song changing throughout it's duration, you weren't hearing things, as it moved into different orchestrations/versions as the action changed. Chris Fedak, in an interview with Alan Sepinwall, laid out three versions that changed with the action. After starting with Jeffster's version (and the crowd reaction to them was priceless,) it moved into composer Tim Jones' orchestrated instrumental version as Bryce walked into the room. Then it subtly slides into the original Styx version as Casey and his team enter the action, before finally settling back into the hilarious Jeffster rendition. As funny as it was, the song kind of fits Chuck's secret (secret, I've got a secret) identity, so the joke even works better in that context.

Other musical highlights included the opening with Portland's The Thermals' "Now We Can See," which serves as an ideal quit-the-Buy-More soundrack for Chuck and Casey ("Ditto"). Gramercy Arms' "Looking at the Sun" was an OK choice, but I couldn't help being distracted by knowledge that Sarah Silverman supposedly lent her voice for back-up vocals on the song. The rest are below.

One final hits before I pass out:
Mr Awesome (Bruce Boxleitner) complaining to Awesome about Jeffster: "Why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian ruin your wedding?"

So how was your $5 footlong?

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 2.22
1. "Now We Can See" - The Thermals - Chuck & Casey quit the Buy More
2. "Looking at the Sun" - Gramercy Arms w/ Sarah Silverman - Chuck talks to Ellie/talks to Sarah, pre-wedding
3. "Mr. Roboto" - Styx (three different versions montaged/blended) Jeffster helps stall for time / battle in the reception
4. "Christmas TV" - Slow Club - wedding on the beach
5. "Friday I'm in Love" - The Cure - reception
6. "3 Rounds and a Sound" - Blind Pilot - Sarah and Chuck dance at reception

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~~~hechter said...

I would have enjoyed some speaker-rattlin', encore-ish, kickin-arse-&-taking-names rock music when Chuck was K'Fu-ing at the end (or possibly the To Be Continued... ending.

drake lelane said...

I dunno... I feel like that might have detracted from the tectonic plate shift beneath our feet. Maybe playing some Willie Hutch from The Last Dragon might have given some geek thrills, but sometimes it's just better to leave well enough alone.

Elizabeth said...

What was the song that played when Chuck decided to use his paycheck to arrange another wedding for Ellie?

drake lelane said...

that was score from composer Tim Jones... hopefully, if Chuck gets renewed, Jones will release more of his work for the series.