Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rescue Me - "Perspective": Chip Ahoy

Another strong Rescue Me episode, and a relatively quiet one as well. Music often serves as a crutch for the series, and when they're writing as many great monologues and tense scenes as they did here, music is a tool best left in the belt.

There were several monologues that reminded me of the first season, and top of the list is Tommy looking over ground zero. The ghosts may have been buried last season (through both Tommy's sobriety and Jimmy's distaste of Tommy permitting Damian to become a probie,) but after mentally re-opening the book on Jimmy, Tommy appears to be heading back to Ghost Town (one-year chip be damned).

We also got deeper into the 9/11 Truth business of both Franco and the actor who plays him, Daniel Sunjata. They're going to revisit it again, I believe, and it will be interesting how they handle it, given that Denis Leary believes it to be a crock of sh*t. The gang hating his position but still sticking up for him is a lot like Leary and the cast with Sunjata and his conspiracy theories. They may not agree with him, but they got his back, so I don't expect there to be any pointed ridiculing of the 9/11 Truthers by story arc's end.

If I have any fault with this offering, it's the ending. Honestly, it was like many classic Rescue Me episodes, where it just sort of feels like they ran out of time and decided that was as good as any place to fade out. Speaking of endinnnnnnn

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