Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rescue Me - "Sheila": White Noise

There was no music whatsoever (song or score) this week in a chilling episode of Rescue Me, but that also is a soundtrack choice, and one that fit the mood.

From the start, with the shaky hand-held camera work to the multiple explosions from the suitcase bombs, the foreshadowing that 'sh*t was about to get real' was spot on. The sound editing and design was off-putting in a fashion that was perfect for the scene -- bombs going off, loss of hearing, the snow-like debris. That it turns out to be a Tommy dream doesn't lessen the impact. I had to rewind and watch it a third, even fourth time and hesitated deleting it.

Meanwhile, having Sheila in therapy has been a blessing. Between that and her also seeing Jimmy in the news footage, she's no longer a cartoon character who's whacked-out persona is brought in make Tommy more sympathetic. Ditto for Sean getting renal cancer -- hard to look at him as just a punchline, especially knowing the secert he's going to hiding to keep his job. Finally, it's kind of funny that Janet is dating an exaggerated version of Tommy in Michael J. Fox's Dwight, and Fox's crazy is a wonder to watch. The scenes with Denis Leary were fun if only to see Leary as the passenger instead of the driver of the scene.

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