Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Blue Angels Go!

This weekend comes the long Seattle tradition of SeaFair, with the Blue Angels and Hydroplane racing. I say why no spice it up a bit this year, and introduce a theme song to the event? Seattle legends Young Fresh Fellows already have one ready to go.

With the song "Go Blue Angels Go" (on their recently released album I Think This Is), the band has truly captured the quirky spirit of the event:
Fly Blue Angels fly
Over the hydroplanes
Dive Blue Angels, dive
But don't go in the lanes
It's full of hydroplanes
Track: "Go Blue Angels Go"
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Singer/songwriter Scott McCaughey, drummer Tad Hutchison, guitarist Kurt Bloch and bassist Jim Sangster have been creating themes to things in Seattle for years now, so it's about time they applied their craft to Seafair. Of course, it begs two important questions:

1)Is it too late to start a campaign?
2)Will too many find the line "go until you die" too much, given the occasional fatality (26 in 60+ years)?

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