Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Philanthropist "San Diego": Tale of Two Teddys

Narrative construct blah blah blah, mirrored storyline for corporation/foundation blah blah blah. Maybe my attention is lacking because it's so damn hot here, but it's not hard to see why NBC decided to bury the series at a 10PM time slot in the middle of summer.

Is it wrong of me to want so much more out of this Homicide: Life on the Streets/Marc Antony/Omar dream team? No exotic locale this time, unless you count the dance floor (Deadmau5 and Lady Gaga). Even the thoughtful montage at the end was backed by a club vet, Groove Armada, with their ballad with "Hands of Time," featuring folk legend Richie Havens on vocals.

The Philanthropist - Episode 1.06 ("San Diego")
1. "Yuki" - Trippin
2. "You to Me" - New Faces
3. "Ghosts n' Stuff - Deadmau5
4. "I Just Want to Make Love to You" - Foghat
5. "Love Game (Dave Aude Radio Edit)" - Lady Gaga
6. "Feel Like I Do" - Eric Lindell
7. "Echo" - Tristen Prettyman
8. "Make Me Fool Around" - Mimi & Teft
9. "Hands of Time" - Groove Armada

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