Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Philanthropist "Paris": There's a place in France, where the women...

Three episodes in and The Philanthropist is structuring the story around the same tired narrative construct. Even the benefactor of Teddy's good will has been done to death -- the tried and true human trafficking caper, featuring the usual Russian thug.

I kind of stopped paying attention part of the way through, but I recognized Nouvelle Vague's cover of The Buzzcocks' classic "Ever Fallen in Love" and a few others I recognized, but am too exhausted to drill down right now.


Playlist: The Philanthropist - Episode 1.03
1. "Danse-vouz" - Pink Martini
2. "I Like That" - French Affair
3. "Senza" - Camille
4. "Detour Ahead" - Stan Getz & the Oscar Peterson Trio
5. "Nasdaq" - Thomas Dutronic
6. "By the Sea" - Intended Immigration
7. "Ever Fallen in Love" - Nouvelle Vague (YouTube)
8. "La Mer" - Charles Trenet
9. "Les Cites Bleues" - Paname Dandies
10. "Assise" - Camille

Previously: Mission of Burma (Episode 1.02 - "Myanmar")


J Shifty said...

Pardon me for coming in out of context, but this was the first place I had to check when I learned the new Young Fresh Fellows record was produced by Robyn Hitchcock. I'm a novice where they're concerned, but am enjoying things so far.

In other news, I've closed the book on Ribaldry & Schmaltz and recently moved into my own place at ; Happy July!

drake lelane said...

I started to write a bit on it along with the Minus 5 album, but haven't had time to dot i's and cross t's, as they say.

thanks for the change of address notification! (trouble finding the rss address, though...)