Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rescue Me "Wheels": Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Following the darker (and much better) "Torch" from last week, "Wheels" is a disjointed and puzzling affair. Tommy's breakthrough last week has led to lots and lots of feelings, and nobody (namely Shiela and Lou) knows what to make of it. Not even the writers, apparently. Franco's boxing and the "is she or isn't she" emasculating storyline involving his girl Carla is mostly annoying. Meanwhile, I don't think I'm supposed to hope that someone punches out Damien, right?

That being said, there were some funny moments. The listing and descriptions of all the hazing rituals was the kind of scene that previous seasons were overly reliant upon. But since we haven't seen it much, it was all more humorous. While I hold out hope there will be some fallout from the Cancer kid joyride that will justify the exercies, similar pointless scenes like that from past seasons are still fresh in my mind.

I didn't catch what song it was that the male stripper was dancing to, did anyone else?

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John said...

Another great episode. I'm sad the season is almost over. You can stream this one here also: