Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rescue Me "David": May the Best Man Win

Ah yes, the tradition of NYFD (and NYPD), no matter their ethnicity (Lou and Candy are Italian, right?) of playing Irish music for their celebration.

Rescue Me - Episode 5.19
Song: "Walk Away" - Dropkick Murphys / YouTube Video

While it technically can be considered a wedding song, "Walk Away" is about a failed marriage, so I can't imagine this bodes well for our newlyweds. Unless of course the song is about Tommy's marriage:
The ones that you loved
The ones that you left behind
The ones you said you'd try to find
Are they tryin' to find you?
[There was another song that sounded like the Dropkick Murphys as well, but it was too muffled from inside the bar for me to pick out.]

Some interesting moments throughout "David," most notably the long, drawn out fight scene between Lou and Tommy. Alan Sepinwall points out something I was thinking while watching, that the longer season is allowing for these lengthy scenes you just don't see on television normally. With an extra nine to work with, there's extra room to allow these scenes to develop (or not, as the case may be).

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Anonymous said...

By any chance have you been able to find out what that "muffled song" was...I've been going over several Dropkick Murphys' and Flogging Molly's songs, but have had no luck. The song sounds so familiar!!

RescueHim said...

yeah im really eager to find that song too... i love flogging molly and like dropkick murphs so ive listened to all of their songs and this isnt one of them. if someone could find out what it is that would be great

Anonymous said...

There was a song in an episode of Rescue Me, at the very end of the episode. Tommy is sitting in his truck, alone, has just had a fight with Janet. The vocals are kind of muffled, it's sounds countryish, the lyrics are something about "put on your wedding dress" and possibly some thing about red boots?
Does anybody know what this is? It's been driving me crazy for years!

Anonymous said...

The lyrics I heard from the muffled song in the bar are the following:

"sacrifice, he worked this day, the acolytes recovered them into hungerers, recovered them into minderers, Get out of my car (or clothes), Get out of my car, Marry Me, Every Day."

It's pretty much a short passage repeating 8 lines

If anyone has a sound system that can examine this segment and isolate it, that would be very useful.