Monday, August 10, 2009

True Blood "Timebomb": Détente

Heart pot pie, the self-healing hymen, a telepathe and vampire catfight!

TB is deliciously batsh*t crazy. The music reflected the out-there events, between the welcome home party for older-than-Jesus Godric and whatever is going on with Maryanne, the music was tribal/trance and dark in nature (I'm looking at you, Niyaz). So when slackpop Beck shows up for the credits (expected, actually, given the episode title), it was a welcome relief for me. I'll leave it at that.

Playlist: True Blood - Episode 2.08
1. "Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix)" - Niyaz: Godric returns / Eric runs into Jason
2. "The Longing" - Karsh Kale: Bill & Eric talk / Isabel & Hugo
3. "Rafiki (Rise Ashen)" - Bob Holroyd: Jason apologizes to Bill
4. "Hejran" - Niyaz: Lorena and Sookie fight over Bill
5. "Timebomb" - Beck: Closing credits

Previously: True Blood "Release Me" (episode 2.07)


Arjan said...

I did like the idea of a silver suicide bomber though.

Strange thing that there wasn't some bouncer at the door or so to keep the guy out or at least find out what he wanted. He just walked in..

drake lelane said...

yes, the Dallas nest appears to need some security.