Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now Downloading: New Releases 09.15..09

While this is a less exciting week for new releases, a box set of gems from Big Star certainly helps bring up the average. Elsewhere there's new releases from Grand Archives, The Dodos (profiled last month), Muse, a live album from a reunited Shudder to Think, and long lost album from Q-Tip finally sees the light of day.

Playlist: New Releases 09.15.09

Big Star - Keep an Eye on the Sky
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Big Star - Keep an Eye on the SkyHow appropriate that a box set for Big Star should follow a week after The Beatles massive drop of remasters, since Alex Chilton and crew were a logical progression from the fab four (and the Byrds). For a band with only three albums, a box set at first seems unnecessary, but Rhino has collected enough demos, outtakes and live tracks (Live At Lafayette's Music Room, Memphis, TN, January 1973) to make it just short of 100 tracks. As a result, it's a goldmine for real fans of the band.

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Grand Archives - Keep in Mind Frankenstein
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Grand Archives - Keep in Mind FrankensteinWhen Matt Brooke splintered off from Band of Horses to help found Grand Archives, their debut releases was a welcome surprise of relaxed and crafted pop in the vein of Crosby Stills & Nash. Because it was such a pleasant surprise, much of the album's flaws were glossed over. Now, like most sophomore releases, that surprise factor is gone and Keep in Mind Frankenstein has to survive on it's own merit. The lazy pop suffers in that regard, but Brooke & co. have some dark and twisted lyrical imagery to go with the otherwise sunny (and bearded sounding) pop. Ghosts, death and haunting background vocals keep it from being disappearing too quickly after listening, which I would easily do based on the musical compositions alone.

Download: "Oslo Novelist" [mp3]
Download: "Silver Among the Gold" [mp3]

More on the radar (and in the mp3 player) this week:
Muse - The Resistance
Q-Tip - Kamaal the Abstract / Free AOL Album Stream
The Dodos - Time to Die
Shudder to Think - Live From Home /
Free AOL Album Stream / "Hit Liquor
The Rifles - Great Escape / Free AOL Album Stream
Gus Gus - 24/7
Gordon Gano - Under the Sun
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Break Up
Anvil - This is Thirteen
Simon Joyner - Out Into The Snow / "Roll On," "Out into the Snow" [mp3]
The Grates - Teeth Lost, Hearts Won

Jupiter One - Sunshower
/ "Flaming Arrow" [mp3]
Drake - So Far Gone
King Cudi - Man on the Moon: The End of Day
Butterfly Boucher - Scaryfragile
Stars of Track and Field - A Time for Lions / Free AOL Album Stream

Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary (Remastered)
Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2 (Remastered)

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