Friday, September 18, 2009

Skins "J.J." - Between friends

Time to check in again with Skins, and "J.J." was one I had circled looking ahead in the season, thinking focus on the kid with Asperger Syndrome would lead to something interesting, and I wasn't disappointed.

Sure, there are still plenty of things wrong with season 3, and specifically with the drastic cutting that goes on before it makes it to a BBC America airing, but this episode was mostly intact, thanks to a soundtrack choice involving lots of Claude DeBussy. The use of DeBussy is actually a reference to the Japanese film Riri Shushu no subete, AKA All About Lily Chou-Chou), a film that kind of parallels the concept of Skins - following teens through the rough and tumble life of high school in the city. Debussy's music was a centerpiece to the film (especially "Arabesque 1"). Here, the music adds an elegance to the episode that the series often lacks.

Elsewhere, the band You Love Her Coz She Is Dead is performing in a club that was chosen due to its appearance in the film Morvern Callar. Two obscure film references in one episode? Way to go Skins! Going to take more than that to get me to recap it on a weekly basis, though. Below is the music as it was meant to be in the uncut UK version.

Playlist: Skins - Episode 3.07
1. "Claire De Lune" - Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
2. "La Plus Que Letnte" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
3. "The Little Shepherd" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
4. "Golliwog’s Cakewalk" - Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
5. "The Snow is Dancing" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
6. "Sweet Jane" - Velvet Underground
7. "Reverie" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
8. "Estamps Pagodes" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
9. "Nocturne" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
10. "Lucille" - Little Richard
11. "Free Like The Sun" - Amy Sawers
12. "Go Go Gurrll" - Da Hood
13. "Cracked Black Pepper" - Fat Segal
14. "Overpowered" - Roisin Murphy
15. "Superheroes" - You Love Her Coz She Is Dead
16. "Le Rock 01" - Vitalic
17. "Duck Chase" - DJ Krush
18. "Arabesque 1" – Claude Debussy (David McGuiness)
19. "Flume" - Bon Iver

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