Friday, November 06, 2009

Sonicsgate: Sherman Alexie & Seattle Hip Hop

Now that baseball season is officially over, it's hard to ignore that another season of NBA is in full swing -- a painful reminder of what was taken from us in Seattle. And now, of course, there's a documentary to go along with it.

Sonicsgate made it's way online last month and while the film has a lot of issues (its in desperate need of art direction, for one -- the Powerpoint-like graphics "needed a fresh pair of eyes," as we like to say), its a compelling tale of a franchise, a city and the competing interests that tear them apart. Poet/author Sherman Alexie ends up being the soul of the film, while the tandem of Clay Bennett and David Stern end up playing the part of villain. (Part 1 of the film below).

Sonicsgate HD Part 1 of 2 from sonicsgate. Click here for part 2.

Besides Sherman Alexie, the other best part of Sonicsgate is the music, putting Seattle hip-hop front and center. Much of the film's score is the work of Jacob Dutton, aka Jake One, borrowing heavily from his soulful White Van Music. Other 2-0-Sixers include local mainstays Common Market, Blue Scholars, The Saturday Knights, Dyme Def, Grayskul and others.

Playlist: Sonicsgate Soundtrack

Bonus: Presidents of the United States of America's "Supersonics" theme, written for the '96 playoff team:


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drake lelane said...

1. R.I.P. (Instrumental) - Jake One
2. Gangsta Boy (Instrumental) - Jake One
3. How We Ride (Instrumental) - Jake One
4. Evryday Bidness - Cancer Rising
5. Missing (featuring Andrea Zollo of Pretty Girls Make Graves) - Grayskul
6. Home feat Vitamin D, C Note, Maine & Ish - Jake One
7. Nina Sing - Common Market
8. Trouble Is - Common Market
9. 45 - The Saturday Knights
10. Tobacco Road - Common Market
11. Kissin The Curb (Instrumental) - Jake One
12. Dead Wrong (Instrumental) - Jake One
13. Get 'Er Done (Instrumental) - Jake One
14. Scared (Instrumental) - Jake One
15. North By Northwest - Blue Scholars
16. Bring It Back - Wizdom
17. The Truth (Instrumental) - Jake One
18. 40 Furrows - Common Market
19. Behold - Grayskul
20. Get Down - Dyme Def
21. Trap Door (Instrumental) - Jake One
22. Fair Weather Fan - Type
23. White Privilege - Macklemore
24. The Return - D-Black