Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GLEE "Hairography": Diverted Attention

We'd been warned ahead of time that a touching use of John Lennon's "Imagine" was going to be coming our way tonight, involving the school of the deaf, but I was too distracted by the ridiculousness leading up to it to notice whether or not it was indeed touching.

Besides "Imagine," the song choices reverted back to performance-based delivery, making last week's more musical turn seem even more like an aberration. Even "Papa Don't Preach," a song which should mean so much more to Quinn than it does here, is treated as a (forgive the word) distraction instead of as an exploration of her relationship with her father and her unborn child. The song also serves as a prelude of more Madonna songs to come in the somewhat distant future (when Glee comes back in April after taking a break two eps from now). Three of the songs (aforementioned "Imagine," plus "True Colors" and the buried-in-the-background "Don't Make Me Over") are in Glee: The Music, Volume 2, which comes out December 8, 2009.

Playlist: Glee - Episode 1.11 ("Hairography")
1. "Bootylicious" - Glee Cast (Destiny's Child original)
2. "Don't Make Me Over" - Glee Cast (Dione Warwick/Bacharach original)
3. "You're the One That I Want" - Glee Cast (original from Grease)
4. "Papa Don't Preach" - Glee Cast (Madonna original)
5. "Hair/Crazy in Love" - Glee Cast (original from Hair / Beyonce original)
6. "Imagine" - Glee Cast (John Lennon original)
7. "True Colors" - Glee Cast (Cyndi Lauper original)

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