Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dinner with the Band: Final Clam Fantasy

This week's Dinner with the Band was a big improvement over last week's sleepy premiere. On the cooking side, having just Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) in the kitchen seemed to put chef Sam Mason more at ease with the proceedings. And Pallett, likewise, seemed more at home in the kitchen than the Dap-Kings last week, who at times seemed like they'd just as soon curl up on the sofa and 'sleep one off.'

But the real prize here is the three songs from Final Fantasy's upcoming album Heartland that were 'debuted' (two songs embedded below). In all, Pallett played four songs, including "This Lamb Sells Condos," from 2007's He Poos Clouds. The new album, Heartland, appears to be a concept album about a violent farmer named Lewis who's a proud patriot of the fictional land called Spectrum. Heartland comes out January 12, 2010.

Playlist: Dinner with the Band - Episode 1.02 (Final Fantasy)
1. "Running" - Tmdp
2. "Up All Night" - French Horn Rebellion
3. "This Lamb Sells Condos" - Final Fantasy
4. "Keep the Dog Quiet" - Final Fantasy (link to live video)
5. "Hot Cakes" - El Ten Eleven
6. "3 Plus 4" - El Ten Eleven
7. "A Lovely Drive To You" - Cassettes Won't Listen
8. "Chopper" - Mannequin Men
9. "Helpful" - Mannequin Men
10. "Communication Breakup" - Gator
11. "Eskimo Scientist" - Le Mood

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