Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dinner with the Band: Les Savy Fav

Easily my favorite of the three episodes so far. Having Les Savy Fav guaranteed that wrenches would be thrown in the proceedings, with frontman Tim Harrington turning Sam Mason's living room into his own private art performance. Whether it was writhing over one of the guests or taking a mid-song shower, Harrington made sure this DWTB would not be ordinary.
"I don't overdrink, except when I'm on a food show."
- Tim Harrington
It helps as well that the menu tonight was something my mouth waters for: Jerk Pheasant, Mofongo and some crazy Mai Tais. The cooking segment was more interesting not just because of the menu, though, but also due to entertaining stories and questions from Harrington and Les Savy Fav. The music in the cooking segments was naturally from Frenchkiss Records, the label founded by Les Savy Fav bass player Syd Butler. The Antlers, Call Me Lightning, The Big Sleep, Tangiers and Sean Bones rounded out a great soundtrack.

Playlist: Dinner with the Band - Episode 1.03 (Les Savy Fav)
1. "Billion Eyes" - Call Me Lightning
2. "Murder" - The Big Sleep
3. "Yawn Yawn Yawn" - Les Savy Fav
4. "Dragging the Harbour" - Tangiers
5. "Two" - The Antlers
6. "Bear" - The Antlers
7. "Sugar in my Spoon" - Sean Bones
8. "Bringing Us Down" - Les Savy Fav

Bonus song/video: "Rome (Written Upside Down)"

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