Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dharma Bums join Pavement & Soundgarden; make 2010 a year for reunions

Lost in all the news of Soundgarden reuniting is the fact that Portland's Dharma Bums are also getting back together. It's been brewing for some time, as the members have fairly recently shared the stage at one of Jeremy Wilson's Mastan Music events. The only reunion show scheduled is in Portland -- February 20th at the Crystal Ballroom, with Young Fresh Fellows opening! Maybe if things go well, they'll consider playing 3 hrs North as well.

News of the reunion naturally had me listening to the old albums, but only the Frontier Records releases (Bliss, Welcome) are available digitally. Someone needs to mine Poplama for some reissue opportunities, like the Bum's debut Haywire, and releases from The Posies, Squirrels, Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, The Walkabouts, Pure Joy, Jimmy Silva and more.


Arjan said...

is it scary that the first thing that popped in my mind was..Dharma..the 'Lost' Dharma?
And you made it worse starting the first sentence with the word 'Lost'.
The last season is creeping up.

drake lelane said...

yes, the final season is almost upon us... just finishing up my re-watch of the previous five seasons and hoping Obama doesn't pre-empt the premiere with the State of the Union address.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be a triple billing to remember?